You will receive 1/2 oz. bottle of this amazing smelling oil. 

Jack Frost Scent is a clean crisp clean Peppermint aroma with hints of Vanilla Bean.  Its also called Buttermint Candy.

I use only top quality oils in my refresher oils, tarts and candles.  I am certain that you will be pleased with the scent of my oils. My whole house smells wonderful when I am making my oils, candles and tarts. 

This is used to freshen up your favorite fixins or can be lightly added to your favorite prim decor to make the item smell wonderful.  This can also be used in an electric potpourri pot or tart warmer.  

***Please Note:  I would not use these oils in an electric diffuser as the oil is too heavy and sinks to the bottom. ***

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and please check out my other aromatherapy items.

Prim* Jack Frost *Refresher Fragrance Oil* Aromatherapy

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